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the Benefits of a Chair Massage

Usually when someone hears about a massage, they instantly think of lying naked on a table face down as someone rubs their hands all over their bodies. While most massages are conducted on a table for the maximum benefit, a more recently developed style of massage that seems to be becoming quite popular is the chair massage. Even though it is not nearly as perfect for full body massaging as the table massage is, a chair massage is designed for those instances when you need a quick rub to either help get some stress out or to help alleviate some pain that you may be experiencing due to your seated position.

The chair massage was developed nearly twenty years ago by a man named David Palmer as a way to help reduce the stress and anxiety that was associated with the high speed working world of the 1980s.  Furthermore, it was also shown to improve the strenuous conditions that many office workers face when required to type all day, every day. The unnatural movements associated with using a keyboard all the time were leading many people down the road of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as back and shoulder strain from sitting in an uncomfortable office chair for several hours of a day.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of a chair massage is that it can be performed anywhere as long as there is a specially designed chair nearby. There is no need for a person to take off their clothing, as the chair massage is conducted through clothing. Quite simply, it involves a variety of deep massaging techniques that have been perfected over the years to allow a person to get rid of stress and tension in the muscles and tissues that become tightly strained during a typical workday. Furthermore, the chair massage is much less expensive and takes a lot less time than a typical table massage, making it perfect for people on the go.

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