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How to Give a Terrific Foot Massage

After a long day on your feet, there is simply nothing better than sitting down and giving yourself (or your loved one) a nice foot massage. Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there who do not know the proper techniques for a successful foot massage. People usually just try to rub one area until they think it feels better – but then the pain comes back and they wonder what they are doing wrong.  So, if you have ever wanted to know how impress your wife (or husband) with the most amazing foot massage techniques known to man, then read on to find out the proper way to conduct a massage.

Before you begin with a massage, you should be sure to clean the feet properly. It is recommended by most professional masseuses that you should soak the feet in Epsom salts and then dry them thoroughly. This first step is important not only because it cleans the feet but because it is the first step to stress relief after a long day.

Once the feet have been dried, you should begin the massage with a nice, soothing, gentle rubbing motion over the entire foot. Most people apply some sort of massage cream at this point, and that is generally recommended if you also suffer from dry or damaged feet. After the cream has been worked into the foot, you can begin with a much deeper foot massage where you get into the bones and muscles with your fingers for maximum effectiveness. Long strokes have been shown to be the most successful at this point.

Once the tops of the feet have been massaged, move on to the soles and then to the toes, concentrating on one portion of the feet at a time until you have massaged everything. The final step of an amazing foot massage is to twist the foot in various directions to give it one final stretch.

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