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Experience Total Relaxation with a Hand Massage

Don’t tell me that you are still getting massages with some sort of gadget or gizmo. Have you been browsing around stores like the Sharper Image or Bed, Bath and Beyond trying to find the best massage tool to relieve your tired body of its stress? Well stop right now.

Even though all of those different massage balls, electric massagers and other cheesy tools say that they can give you a great massage – they are absolutely nothing in comparison to a good old fashioned hand massage. You see, no matter how amazing you think that your massage gadgets are, they can never match the motions and feelings that you will receive if you are getting a hand massage. There is simply no tool that can exactly replicate all of the motions that a human hand can do on your body during a hand massage.

Another great reason why you should get a hand massage instead of the current massage tool that you are using is because a hand massage can get all of those places that make you feel the most relaxed instead of simply vibrating you all over like a traditional electric powered massage tool would. Say you are using your home massager and you find a spot that allows your muscles to feel nice and relaxed.  It works fine for a little while, but sooner or later you will realize that the tool is really not doing anything in the long run.

A hand massage however is a lasting massage and you will feel the results for days to come so long as the massage therapist is skilled at his or her craft. Furthermore, a massage conducted by a trained and licensed massage therapist will be able to loosen you up in ways you could never imagine since most trained massage therapists know all of the tensest spots on a person’s body – places you may not have even known existed.

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